Agency Spotlight: Arcane

Arcane was founded around a campfire, not a boardroom table.

“The marketing industry is broken” was a sentiment shared by the four entrepreneurs, who recognized through their own unique experiences that most companies were still buying media based on outdated parameters that were no longer relevant to a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. More importantly, accountability to results was non-existent.

Arcane was born, and the partners set out with a simple mission: change the perception of marketing from an expense line item to a predictable income generator. Business owners needed to expect more from their agency partners, and Arcane was going to deliver.

Arcane’s unique process in building predictable revenue models, and then realizing them, has clearly struck a chord with clients. The agency has been recognized twice as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies by Deloitte Canada, has over 60 employees across offices in Toronto, London, and Calgary, and has won more awards than they can count.

We sat down with Matt Bergmann, Vice President at Arcane and newly appointed Head of Growth for Republix, to discuss Arcane’s approach to client service and why becoming a Citizen of Republix was a natural next step in the company’s evolution.

How would you describe the digital marketing industry/landscape today?

It’s a busy and confusing place, and frankly, a lot of it is broken or misguided.

Most businesses are faced with the same challenge… How do I grow? The problem is almost every agency in the world promises ROI of some sort. It’s not unique anymore. It’s the expectation and should, in most cases, be the reality. 

But, when every agency is saying that their “gold package” or their “innovative approach” is the right answer, how do you choose?

The answer is by focusing not on the tactics but on the goals, first. Tactics come after, once goals are clearly defined and the path to achieve them has been mapped.

Nobody needs a Facebook campaign. They need the results it produces.

Why do your clients love working with you?

One thing that we consistently hear from our clients is that they’re not looking for account management, they’re looking for account leadership. And Arcane provides account leadership.

We’re not your typical order takers. Clients love working with us because of our creativity and accountability. We provide strategic direction and insights. We work within their best interests. And most importantly, we focus on their goals.

Why do your employees love working for you?

We are incredibly focused on doing right by our people. 

To us, professional and personal growth are one in the same, and we work hard on building tight knit communities and teams. We’ve created various mentorship programs, committees and professional development programs that we’ve been able to grow and evolve with the help of our team. For example, we have Arcane University, which is focused on professional development.

We’ve always been focused on ethics and integrity in everything we do, and we really strive to serve what we call L.O.V – Living Our Values. This is coupled with a keen focus on diversity and inclusion. Having had a diversity and inclusion team and task force for years already, it is such a big part of who we are.

What does it mean for Arcane to be a Citizen of Republix?

This is one of those unique opportunities to continue to leapfrog from where we’ve been. One of those milestones we see that creates tremendous growth in a short period of time. It also gives us the ability to expand our individual organization into a greater global community and tap into resources and partnerships that we might not otherwise have the opportunity to access.

It made a lot of sense for us. 

Why do you think the Republix model is right for today’s marketing industry?

I think the forced innovation that has been created through this pandemic has actually created real change within the landscape. People are looking to build relationships and create growth in different ways through technology and the breaking down of silos.

Organizations are looking for partners and are finding it harder and more disjointed than ever. 

And the one thing we know is true is that businesses have finite resources in terms of time and money in order to achieve their goals. 

Republix will help solve that by becoming that kind of one-stop-shop for growth. They are made up of many different businesses all with a like-minded approach to predictable growth for clients.

What message do you have to potential or existing clients now that you’re a Citizen of Republix?

Current and future clients need to know this is a positive change. And it’s a change with the future in mind.

Arcane has always been known for innovation and Republix is that next step. It really is full circle from 10 years ago when we came out with the notion that we need to change the perception of the marketing industry. Republix is the future of what growth looks like for marketing.

Marketing should not be an expense line item. It should be your predictable income generator. With Republix, we will truly have the ability to see that come to fruition with better analytics, better tracking, better accountability, and better performance overall.

Republix is fuel for growth. It is that predictable and known quantity when it comes to marketing. It is your predictable income generator.

What’s your message to other agencies out there?

If you too are on a mission to change the perception of the marketing industry, if you’re focused on accountability, predictability, and growth, if you’re experiencing some of the changes and challenges and trying to go it alone, you don’t have to. There is another option.

There are like-minded partners out there who are focused on working together to change the perception of the marketing industry. Other agencies, like us, who are focused on being better together. On amplifying the businesses of each of their Citizens.

To learn more about Arcane or speak with Matt, please visit: