Agency Spotlight: eRational

eRational was founded because of an all-too-common issue: too many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) fail.

These businesses and the dreamers behind them are the backbone of our economy, and in many cases they’re simply getting bad advice on how to grow their company, which leads to disastrous results. eRational’s mission is to change that.  The agency’s core focus is to help SMBs get a leg-up on their competition by assisting them through all aspects of their growth – from demand generation and sales process mapping to helping optimize operations and scale more effectively.

Knowing how hard it is to succeed as a growing business, eRational has created a Growth as a Service model to provide the right strategy and solutions to help their clients achieve their goals – and if they don’t help them succeed, they’ll refund them their money.

Chief Operating Officer, Jason Smith,  eRational, shares eRational’s philosophy in helping SMBs realize their dreams through a model that has become the foundation of Republix’ value proposition.

What is your agency’s mission? Why is everybody getting up in the morning?

We want SMB owners to succeed because not only is it good for them, but it’s good for our society. They touch so many lives in our communities and make up the fabric of this country. We’ve taken the stress out of growing a business by establishing ourselves as an alternative to the bad actors and ill-informed or siloed consultants and agencies that unfortunately many SMBs mistakenly turn to.

And it’s not their fault they end up in these types of partnerships. The digital marketing industry has grown to such a level that it has become almost impossible to navigate. There are too many potential solutions to achieve growth – not all are equal and many can’t live on their own. There needs to be a solid strategy to understand the tools required. The vast majority of SMBs aren’t marketers, so they’re already at a disadvantage when it comes to figuring it all out and so they end up unknowingly relying on bad advice.

We’re out to change that. At eRational, we already have the right partners across specialties, and we orchestrate a system to bring the perfect mix to the table. We also guarantee results, which really resonates with SMB owners because we have skin in the game, too.

Why do clients love working with you?

We love what we do and why we do it. That comes across in the fun, transparent and honest way we work with our clients, and in our unyielding focus on results.

Any interesting milestones about the growth of eRational?

Introducing a layer of guaranteed results was a big one. It was a way to tell our clients and the industry that we’re putting skin in the game, that there’s no financial risk of working with us, and even if everything goes wrong, you break even. As you can imagine, that resonated really well with clients. Additionally, acquiring smaller agencies who join us to be ‘better together’ has allowed us to expand our offering with best in class services across all of the major channels an SMB could use to grow their business.

So what does it mean to you to be a citizen of Republix?

It means being part of something bigger. It means having support from a growing team of really smart people, who’ve done a lot in their careers. Collectively, we’re helping solve each other’s problems and capitalizing on opportunities together. This allows all of our people to really focus on what they’re good at, what they enjoy the most, and pass that on to our Clients in the form of results.

Why is now the time for a company model like Republix?

It’s never been easier to start a small business which is both a good and a bad thing. Everything is digital and now everything is remote so there are fewer barriers to entry for someone who has an idea or a passion to turn it into a business. But again, these entrepreneurs and business owners are not necessarily marketers and they face the daunting task of trying to understand the best strategy and mix of expertise they need to grow their business.

So it’s more important now than ever before that those marketing and sales dollars are well spent. That’s what Republix is here to do. Take what is often fairly chaotic and bring order to it. And especially in today’s global climate, people are looking for a little less chaos in their lives!

What message do you have for clients and other agencies in the market today?

Clients looking at Republix should know that we can put all of your growth under one roof to spend your precious money and time the right way. There’s no longer a need to take unnecessary risks – whether you’re a small or even large business owner.

For agencies, I would say that you can quickly be part of something bigger if that’s what you want. It can help you take your offering and business to the next level and get back to focusing on what you do best.

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