Agency Spotlight: Linked Into Leads

Technology is constantly changing how we approach sales and marketing…

And with that change comes opportunity, but also frustration. The truth is – what used to work, still works. Building authentic, value-first relationships with prospects is what gets them to know, like and trust you.

Linked Into Leads has helped 1000’s of entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals turn cold leads into clients by leveraging the power of relationship building via LinkedIn.

Through its proven step-by-step lead generation process, Linked Into Leads knows how to get their clients in front of the right audience, grow their prospect network, and position them as trusted, go-to experts. 

Trevor Turnbull, CEO and Founder of Linked Into Leads discusses why he started the company and how becoming a Citizen of Republix will take his agency to the next level.

Why did you create the agency?

Despite the proliferation of digital marketing and communications platforms, a core element of what has always worked in business development still holds true – relationship building. LinkedIn is by far the best platform for people to be able to duplicate what they already do in real life, which is connect with people and add value.

The benefits of LinkedIn of course is that it’s a market leader in data collection. People willingly fill in their information on the platform. So you can easily find the CEO of a company that’s in the pharmaceutical space located in Boston, Massachusetts, for example. You can think of it as a CRM tool, just like Salesforce and other platforms.

We started the company because we saw a real opportunity to create training and offer services to help executives and solopreneurs understand the power of LinkedIn and to tap into this amazing resource effectively.

How would you describe the digital marketing industry or landscape today?

Noisy! The amount of information available to the average person, whether they’re in a VP sales role or they are a leadership coach, is absolutely overwhelming. And there are implications to being overwhelmed by choice – inaction.

As a result, there’s an opportunity to be the reliable voice of strategy to help these people push down the noise and give them clarity and certainty on the best path forward. It was one of the major selling features for me to join forces with eRational. We are truly “better together”, and now that we are a part of the Republix family, we are able to service any type of client with the right expertise and tools at our fingertips.

Why do clients love working with you?

We tell them the truth and we also give them very specific step-by-step action plans that they can leverage themselves. Our products and services are positioned in a way that can be bolted on when they need them.  And that goes for every client. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner. They don’t need the full package right out of the gate, they need a proper strategy to then layer on pieces as they have more data and information.

Our process is also very clear and straightforward. Our LinkedIn Lead Generation offering combines outbound network building, engagement and authority building to stay top of mind with prospects via LinkedIn. And the reason we joined the eRational family is because we were able to layer on the strategy, value proposition, sales funnels and content production our clients needed to capture leads and further nurture those prospects.

What does it mean to you to be a citizen of Republix?

Our case is a little bit special since we joined by merging with eRational, the original agency in the group. We essentially ended up with a behind-the-stage pass for how Republix was born and it’s been quite the privilege. What a journey it’s been!

I think it’s empowering to know that I’m a part of a collective of people that are all driven to have an impact on our industry. As more people are overwhelmed by the number of services in the market, we can be that one beacon that they can trust. Tools are not the answer, it’s the strategy. There will always be another tool. Republix has all the pieces to pull from to actually create a sound strategy and then execute, for any type of business. You’ve got a collective brain trust that knows how to navigate this digital space.

Why is now the time for a company like Republix?

Clients need one centralized place to make sense of the noise and actually pull all the pieces together in a way that creates a desired outcome, which is growth. Republix connects businesses to marketing agencies with predictable results. So the idea that if we can collectively bring the best solutions, marketers and salespeople together, we can more accurately predict the results that our clients are expecting. We can stand behind them and become more of a partner as opposed to a vendor, because we’re tied to the outcome.

What messages or advice do you have for agencies looking to potentially join Republix?

At one time, I actually aspired to create something like Republix, but as I started to go down that path, I realized that my core skills did not include all of the pieces that are required to actually make it work. Joining forces with eRational to become “one team” was the first step.  And, now that we are a part of Republix, it allows us to spend time doing what we do best, which ultimately helps the collective get to where we want to be faster. 

Quite frankly, it allows me personally to enjoy what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis. As the owner of an agency, I wore a lot of hats and it was exhausting. For other agencies out there, with Republix you can find the balance between growing your business and maintaining the lifestyle you want. It’s allowed me the peace of mind to know that I have a solid team and platform behind me.

And we’re all truly better together. That to me means we can find a way to create a winning scenario for all parties involved. We’re not only creating a positive impact on clients, we are creating unlimited possibilities for the people on our team and their families. It feeds our desire to live our best lives for everybody. And that’s the name of the game, isn’t it?

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