Agency Spotlight: Media Mechanics

Building a website that will elevate your business is about more than just building the best website possible.

It is about building the best experience possible, and Media Mechanics knows how to bring it all to life. Founded in 2009, Media Mechanics was established with the goal of creating engaging digital experiences for clients and their customers.

By learning all they can about their client and what makes them tick, Media Mechanics creates an optimized online experience that is as unique as their client’s business. They make this possible by bringing the full package of expertise to the table – strategy, creative, content & marketing, UI & UX design, development, and measurement.

Media Mechanics currently has offices in Halifax and New York City, with a development team in Panama, and works with clients across a number of industries, including tech, telecom, and health sectors.

Michael Perry, Senior Vice President at Media Mechanics, shares his thoughts on why joining Republix will result in better client service in a rapidly changing industry.

How would you describe the digital marketing industry/landscape today?

The landscape is becoming increasingly complicated, and the rate of change is accelerating. It is very difficult to be an expert in all areas of this industry. We have focused on helping clients deliver exceptional user experiences to their end-users and customers.

Why do your clients love working with you?

We have the opportunity to work with a number of fantastic clients and have built long-lasting partnerships with them. We work diligently to deliver value for our clients, and we do it with a level of enthusiasm and energy that they appreciate.

Why do your employees love working for you?

Everyone is a critical part of the team and has an important contribution to make. This collaborative and respectful approach delivers exceptional work for our clients and engages every member of the team.

What does it mean to you to be a Citizen of Republix?

We are delighted to become part of the Republix family. We now have industry partners we can draw upon when our clients require a skill we do not possess internally.  We also now have a broader network of clients to offer our own services.

Why is now the time for an agency model like Republix?

It is an innovative concept that is getting ahead of where we believe the industry is going. The platform will offer business decision-makers valuable insights on how to improve their business, as well as the means to implement various expertise and tactics to help get them there.

What message/advice do you have for clients and agencies looking at Republix as their next potential partner?

Republix is bringing together highly experienced talent to provide exceptional digital marketing services to their growing client base. Whether an agency or an end client, it’s an organization to watch and to seriously consider working with.

If you want to learn more about Media Mechanics or speak with Michael, please visit: