Agency Spotlight: SourceStrike

SourceStrike is a professional software engineering firm that develops custom applications for its clients.

Its mission is to grow an ever-increasing team of top tier software engineers to democratize access to talent outside of the elite startup space. 

Led by master engineers, SourceStrike’s team is dedicated to the principles of quality, craftsmanship, integrity, and transparency. They believe that virtually every company has software engineering needs, even if they aren’t a tech company. 

Brandon Friend, CEO of SourceStrike, offers his thoughts and insights on the software engineering industry and why Republix is the perfect model to effectively address clients’ needs today. 

How would you describe the software engineering landscape today?

Engineering is everywhere, in every company, and it’s an increasingly important demand from clients in all sectors. Whether it’s innovative solutions, upgrading legacy systems, or simply on-going needs, there are just not enough quality engineers to fulfill all the demand. It will only continue to get worse as time goes on.

Why do your clients love working with you?

There are very few firms that do what we do and deliver results like we do. There are a lot of companies reselling outsourced software engineers: you pay an hourly rate and you get a software engineer. Where we are different is that we invest ourselves in the delivery and business success of each of our clients, managing the entire software development lifecycle and technical strategy, delivering a tailored, white-glove approach to each client.

Our clients love working with us because of our proven track record for results. With engineering projects, it’s very common for a salesman to over-promise things to the client that end up being way over budget, way over time, or not technically feasible. As engineers ourselves, we are able to very reliably tell our clients exactly what to expect in their projects. We are very forthcoming and won’t stretch the truth just to close a deal. We want them to know exactly what they will get, at what price and on what timeline, and be able to deliver on those promises.

Why do your employees love working for you?

Our team of engineers love being led by fellow engineers. We have been in their shoes and we know what makes them tick. We are able to understand everything they say and step into the trenches alongside them. We focus on substance rather than superficial characteristics. We tell them, as long as you’re delivering quality code, on a reasonable timeline, to happy clients, you have total freedom to live and work in a way that is optimal for you. Also, A-talent likes working with other A-talent. By hiring the best engineers, we keep the quality bar that everyone enjoys working with.

What does it mean to you to be a Citizen of Republix?

With Republix we can take bold risks to accomplish our growth roadmap. We have a much larger pool of resources to pull from to continue to operate and grow the company, as well as a sounding board of fellow leaders that we can tap to help define our strategy. 

It’s refreshing to be accompanied by other founders and entrepreneurs that have been on a journey similar to ours. Being a part of the Republix family will allow us to share insights amongst each other to help solve problems more quickly and efficiently. We will also be able to return the favour to our Citizens by sharing things we have learned along our journey. Overall, being a part of a bigger enterprise will ultimately let us thrive and scale faster than before.

Why is now the time for a company/model like Republix?

It’s a very fragmented industry. By unifying these smaller companies and outperforming the larger volume-play companies will provide better results for clients and allow Republix to flourish.

What message/advice do you have for clients and agencies looking at Republix as their next potential partner?

If you think you can grow on your own, without leveraging the expertise and partnerships that Republix provides, then you should do that. But I would guess that in most cases, small agencies that have enjoyed success have hit a ceiling and would be better off joining the Republix family.

For clients, why take the added risk and time in doing everything yourself. Lean on the strong suits of professionals to accomplish things you need done properly.

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