Agency Spotlight: tag

tag is the boutique agency, evolved.

tag’s mission is to build powerfully defined brands that can go to market knowing they will break through in their categories. The agency was founded on a passion for strategy and creativity, which remains the foundation of the agency’s DNA today. 

For over 20 years, tag has developed and enhanced its “truthology™ platform”, which facilitates the data and intelligence required to create extraordinary brand communications. Today, they have a process to uncover consumer insights and set the tone for the development of hyper-relevant, ground-breaking brand communications and creative that evokes passion and action.

As a boutique agency with humble beginnings, tag has worked with major brands including Kraft Canada, The Toronto Blue Jays, BMW, Honda, Clover Leaf, TICO, Mr. Sub and more.

We sat down with Fabio Orlando, CEO and founder of tag, to discuss how being a Citizen of Republix will help them in their mission to bring to life the powerful harmony between brand and consumers.

How would you describe the digital marketing industry/landscape today?

Digital marketing is brilliant and confusing and must be employed by experts who truly understand its power and potential. It has transcended marketing communications and evolved to more than just a platform for message delivery. It has become a data assimilator, sifting and distributing content over multiple platforms to engage audiences, while monitoring and adjusting digital intelligence to truly deliver a return on marketing spend. It’s about time the world realizes that we need to stop calling it “digital marketing” and appreciate digital as a mandatory component of the marketing arsenal.

Why do your clients love working with you?

Because we are them – consumers, parents, entrepreneurs, business owners, planners and worriers. We talk about and share our lives and passion with them, just as we share the responsibility of investing their marketing dollars as if they were our own. We don’t have “clients”. We have relationships. And, we treat them as such. 

Why do your employees love working for you?

We’re a small-ish team. We don’t “lead”, we guide. We want our employees to know that they are family – and family supports family. We have some very long-standing employees and, in this business, we feel very proud to think they’ve gained fulfillment and grown as people, enough to reject the on-going solicitations that naturally occur in our industry.

What does it mean to you to be a Citizen of Republix?

Being a Citizen allows us to grow our offering and become champions of (other Citizen’s) skills and expertise we cannot offer. It means we can be who we are, as a collaborative and supportive group, and increase our team footprint with a greater wealth of capabilities. It also means our clients will win, with a single connection to resources that we can confidently bring to them. And last, we will have the opportunity to offer our capabilities to the other Citizens, perhaps filling gaps that they may have a need for, thereby increasing our business growth potential.

Why is now the time for a model like Republix?

The landscape has changed and small to mid-sized agencies are building businesses focussed on specialty niches instead of trying to maintain the full-service offering of the past. For marketers, that means having to first identify needs, determine the right solution and then find the right partners. It’s daunting and confusing, leading to frustration and lack of predictable results. 

CMOs are faced with navigating the vast digital and advertising landscape with the pressure to deliver ROI and measurable results.  Republix and its group of Citizens, each with its specific expertise, gives them a single connection point to top talent in all disciplines to truly deliver strategic growth on demand.

What message/advice do you have for clients looking at Republix as their next potential partner?

There is power in having one-stop access to a team of agencies who are experts in what they do across all disciplines. Collectively we can deliver the results clients demand, while maintaining intimate knowledge and a hands-on approach.

If you want to learn more about tag, or speak with Fabio, please visit: