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10 Lead Generation Techniques for 2023

November 22nd, 2022
By Republix

For marketers at the enterprise level looking to boost their lead generation success, here are ten techniques to use in 2023 to beat the competition and grow your business. Afterward, see how other Republix clients have benefited from our customizable content marketing strategy.

How digital marketing affects lead generation in 2023

In 2023, B2B marketers must be customer-centric. Amidst all of the following techniques and strategies, customer focus is at the center. With everything online and users looking to get work done virtually, content must cater to them or they’ll find another business with a better customer journey.

Keep in mind that lead generation is mostly digital now so the need arises to use video marketing, influencers that already have an online following, and automation. Automation can streamline most digital marketing strategies, organize them, and produce helpful data to build on.

10 techniques to build an SEO content marketing strategy

1. Reevaluate pricing

Enterprises that have already been established have a pricing structure in place. But with the adaptivity of technology and the constantly changing minds of customers, consider reevaluating pricing to profit from the most leads.

Offer different options include making sure new customers can try the product or service for free or for cheap so they get a glimpse into how their problems can be solved. Subscription plans also offer recurring income as a hands-off, beneficial option to consumers. Prices don’t always have to be fixed. Giving customers options makes them feel like they’re in control and give them different options based on their budget.

2. Nurture leads well

Everyone (hopefully) knows the necessity of nurturing leads. But businesses need to nurture them with the understanding that without customers, the business fails. Put lots of effort into understanding customer needs, wants, and pain points.

Provide valuable resources that make the business stand out. Use content on social media, in webinars, or on the website to educate customers so they’re inclined to choose this brand over others.

3. Optimize the website for SEO

Align the back end of SEO with the front end. While metadata does its magic, continue producing interesting content for customers. Without an SEO content marketing strategy, the business may be great, but no one will find it.

4. Improve the user experience 

User experience is essential. Customers know what they’re looking for in a business. Be the brand they can partner with and add value they didn’t even know they were looking for. 

Use CTAs to make navigation and decision-making easier. Test the page-load speed and make any necessary adjustments to provide a fast, pain-free experience for leads.

5. Leverage social media

Social media is a huge asset when it comes to digital marketing. Use it as a platform to engage with the audience, build rapport, and nurture them to convert. Using multiple channels provides access to a wider audience. Different platforms accommodate different concerns. For example, look for decision-makers on LinkedIn since 80 percent of LinkedIn members drive business decisions

6. Create industry-specific pages

With industry-specific pages on a website based on need and product, users can easily direct themselves to content that’s most relevant to them. It shows users there’s an answer for them with this brand and it makes the website easier to navigate.

7. Host webinars

Hosting webinars, or at least participating in them, provides value to leads. It’s a space to connect directly with customers, provide the next steps, and offer walkthroughs of the product or service to demonstrate its capabilities. Be part of the 53 percent of marketers that say webinars generate the highest-quality leads.

8. Collaborate with other businesses

This is a symbiotic relationship. By partnering with like-minded businesses, both parties can benefit from sharing backlinks, working on content together, and providing reviews for each other, as well as referrals. 

This wouldn’t be a partnership with the competition but rather a partnership with a satisfied customer that’s happy to share their success story with others for something in return.

9. Retarget warm leads

If a lead has already clicked through to the website but doesn’t convert right away, this is a warm lead that was initially intrigued and now needs nurturing. Don’t let these go to waste. 

People generally won’t decide at the first point of contact. They need reasons why one business is better than another. They need to see that their partnership with a business will be fruitful and pleasant. This can be done through email drip campaigns, phone calls, direct mail, social media, or any other form of a touchpoint the customer is using.

10. Publish reviews

In the age of options, people prefer making decisions based on what a trusted person has to say about a business. A friend raving about a brand is more believable than the brand raving about itself. Allow others to leave reviews because 62 percent of customers won’t support your brand otherwise.

Content marketing strategy success stories with Republix


Roots was introduced to paid search and paid social. They also implemented Google Shopping and revitalized SEO. After identifying a new SEO content marketing strategy to try, we drove over one million dollars in organic sales from first-time buyers on Black Friday. Overall, Roots saw an increase of 30 percent in organic sales performance, year-over-year.

The OVer Company

Across Instagram and Facebook, The OVer Company has seen a 443 percent return on ad spend (ROAS) with a conversion rate of 6.9 percent. And, to fend off increased competition from other brands, we introduced branded paid search campaigns—a low-cost solution that’s yielded a 6,073 percent ROAS.


Our partnership with eastlink saw increased leads by 30 percent, boosted conversion rate, and more accomplishments in the marketing team. Our digital strategy included UX and design, web development and social integration, and search engine marketing (SEM).

BlueRush Inc

Our customized digital plan for Blue Rush Inc. combined strategy, content optimization, and targeted campaigns to find leads and drive engagement. They received a 101 percent increase in new organic user acquisition, a 124 percent increase in organic website traffic, and an increased ranking of their website through 135 high-intent search terms.


We drove demand and lead generation by optimizing their site with SEO, content review, and analytics. We worked on creative and design, application development, and social integration. These strategies lead to 70 percent of all leads generated from their website.

Want to update your content marketing strategy now?

Republix would love to help you grow your business and increase lead generation rates for you as we’ve done for others. Our team of marketers is among the best in North America for optimization and performance. We understand where your customers are already scrolling and leverage the right marketing mix to convert clicks into results. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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