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Get website updates done when you need them.

Website updates shouldn’t wait. Still, teams find themselves in a never-ending battle for insufficient dev resources to make critical changes or fixes that impact the bottom line.

Republix’s Managed Website Services means access to top developers to update or maintain your site with what you need, when you need it. 

Share your info, and let’s start knocking off that backlog.

“I was amazed at the response time and ease of making changes. Having Republix at the ready has really made a difference in how quickly we can get critical updates live. Weeks have become days, and in our business that makes a huge impact on sales.”

We’d love to make website updates and optimizations hassle-free for you.

You’re in good company.

You’re in good company.

Support Packages:

Good Performance


Ideal for companies looking to more easily and predictably make desired site updates, with the addition of general site monitoring.

75 prepaid hours of support service per year, including:

  • 24/7 site uptime monitoring
  • Site security monitoring
  • 3-day ticket turnaround
  • Custom support email address for forwarding requests
  • Preferred rates for supplemental service work

$750 per month

Great Performance


Perfect if you’re looking to have what you require completed, with the addition of proactive recommendations for improvement in key areas.

150 prepaid hours of support service per year, for everything in the Starter package as well as:

  • 4 SEO reports per year with recommendations
  • 4 Mobile optimization reports per year with recommendations
  • 1 UX/UI Review per year
  • 1 Accessibility Review per year
  • Access to support Hotline for emergencies

$1,850 per month

Amazing Performance


The Performance package brings you to the top of the list for your requests, with additional annual reviews and more hours to support all your website needs.

300 prepaid hours per year, for everything in the Starter and Advanced packages, plus:

  • Site performance monitoring
  • Top of List priority service for high priority requests
  • 2-day support ticket turnaround time for all other requests
  • Additional UX/UI review (total 2/year)
  • Additional accessibility reviews
    (total 2/year)

$3,300 per month

Speak to us about our comprehensive website hosting packages as well!

Submit Tickets, See Progress.


When you need work done, simply submit a ticket, then watch progress until your work is completed. Need something urgently? We can help there too, with packages that include our Hotline Priority service.

Make your website worries a thing of the past, for less than you might think.

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