Omnichannel marketing powers sales

It presents the opportunity to create a strong, unified brand that increases lead conversion and sales. Here’s how.

What is omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is a strategy that promotes your product or service across all channels, whether on phones, tablets, TVs, laptops, or delivered to peoples’ doors. It’s more than multi-channel marketing which focuses on a few channels. Omnichannel marketing endeavors to leverage them all with an identifiable brand voice and unified messaging to reach various customers wherever they like to consume content.

How can you take an omnichannel approach?

Now that you’re hooked on the idea of increased traffic through your sales funnel, here’s how you can strategize your omnichannel approach.

Channel cohesion

Start by creating cohesion across your website and social media. Your brand should have clearly defined goals, colors, tones, and styles. Use these factors to create a cohesive brand across multiple channels. Start slow.

Once you spread that consistent brand out further, slowly build up to other channels. It’s better to start small with a defined brand strategy than start big and overwhelm your resources.

Engaging with your customers

With omnichannel marketing, you’re now reaching more leads across different platforms. It’s time to engage with your leads on these channels. If you spread out too fast, you won’t have the ability to do this, but if you take a practical approach, you should be able to engage with leads across channels without leaving any platform behind.

Leads notice when you engage with them or others. This creates brand trust. It even makes it easier to answer questions and get people involved if you’re communicating with them.

Outlining your customers’ interests

With touchpoints in many places, you’ll be seeing how different customers interact with your content, what drives them, and what turns them away. Based on the different platforms, outline what your leads’ interests are. They might differ across platforms.

Instagram tends to be more creative; LinkedIn more professional. But people browsing on their phones are looking for content whereas someone might not be looking for content in their inbox.

Use these findings to create relevant content geared toward the needs and interests of your target demographic.

Providing solutions

We’re bringing back the need to be selfless. Customers need to know what’s in it for them. What can your product or service do for your customer? How can you address one of their pain points or one of their needs?

Approach omnichannel marketing with a solution mindset. Your sales funnel will thank you for it.

Brand Voice

Since your brand will be visible across a wide array of channels, your brand voice should be clearly defined. Messaging across platforms can vary slightly, but the voice should always feel like your business.

Done well, leads will start to recognize the tone and be drawn to the familiarity. Think of tone, style, vernacular, punctuation, colors, and font.


Without a CTA, leads aren’t encouraged to interact with your content. To push leads through the sales funnel, always provide a CTA in your content so they’re constantly interacting with your brand and being nurtured through the sales funnel.

Track the data

As always, track the data you receive through your omnichannel marketing efforts to see where you can improve, what content is most important to leads, and what is already being done well that you can build on.

Why is omnichannel marketing critical to your sales?

The omnichannel approach builds brand awareness through consistent brand identity reaching many more leads across various channels and devices. Brand awareness leads to brand loyalty by continuously nurturing your leads and engaging with them.

Brand loyalty encourages leads to stick with your brand instead of competitors and pulls them through the sales funnel. The content geared toward their interests improves lead nurturing which in turn, improves lead conversion rates.

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