Ex-Google founded search and digital experts.

Our Story began at Google.

Our roots in all things Search can be traced directly to Google HQ in Mountain View, California.

As dual members of Google’s Analytics-Search-AdWords team and Google Search Quality team, our team worked directly on developing their core search products. The legacy of that intimate knowledge permeates through our current leadership and has manifested in the form of a purpose-driven team that works tirelessly to ensure top performance.

That’s right. The team and methods at Republix reflect the same level of innovation and insight lived and breathed at Google – and perhaps beyond. Our team is comprised of SEO specialists who help businesses big and small leverage best-in-class search methodologies that provide exceptional results.

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    93% of all purchasing decisions involve a search engine.
    75% of searchers never click past page one of the results page.
    46% of all Google searches are local.
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    L.I.F.T. Your Business

    L.I.F.T. is our proven 4-step digital marketing program to achieve profitable SEO growth and organic website traffic.

    Lay the Foundation

    Our first step is to perform an SEO Audit of your website. The audit will identify and correct any technical issues that hinder your search engine rankings. We also set up software tracking systems. This will help us track the results of your SEO campaign and pivot as necessary.

    Identify Needs and Opportunities

    We assess your website’s current search engine rankings and your competitors’ performances to identify where the best opportunities exist. We use these findings as the basis for an SEO strategy that addresses both short- and long-term opportunities. All content is systemically run through our LIFT SEO Checker to optimize ranking before publication.

    Fully Targeted and
    Distributed Content

    We create relevant content for your target audiences that builds consumer trust, loyalty, and retention. Our content also positions your website as an industry authority. Our seasoned writers utilize up-to-date best practices in search optimization to quickly rank for keywords and phrases.

    Trenchant Optimization

    As we run your SEO campaign we continually assess your website analytics and search rankings to make refinements to the campaign. We use your historic data and paid advertising campaigns to improve your strategy.

    You’re in good company.

    You’re in good company.

    Results worth finding.

    • 101% increase in new organic user acquisition
    • 124% increase in organic website traffic
    • Ranking on search engines for more than 135 high-intent search terms the website previously wasn’t ranking for
    • First page rank for core in-market keywords with +5,000 monthly searches
    • Blog traffic increase of +2,600% year-over-year (YoY)
    • Revenue generated via organic search activity increased +40% YoY
    • Increased online leads by 162% YoY
    • Increased overall website traffic by 36%

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      We’d love to help you with your Reboot. Let’s connect.